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303 (three-oh-three) was the original telephone area code for Denver, Colorado. As Denver grew, naturally the need for additional area codes arose. 303 to us represents staying true to our roots, embracing our culture, and working together towards a better future for Medicine, Colorado and the World!

The 303 Seeds Goal & Legal Info:
303 Seeds aim to produce the highest quality organic cannabis seed available for medical cannabis patients, growers, caregivers and medical centers. At 303 Seeds we value our plants as part of our family, and we treat them with the highest levels of care and respect. Organically sown, organically grown, right here in Colorado.

We distribute medical cannabis seed under Amendment 20 of the Colorado Constitution and in compliance with the Colorado Seed act. All seeds and products are produced and distributed in full compliance with all state and local laws regarding medical cannabis production. Our full selection and production process is carried out in a licensed medical cannabis facility. Our seeds are only sold by licensed medical cannabis centers in Colorado.

Who We Are:
A group of dedicated breeders, growers, and community members, the 303 Seeds team represents a diverse group of talented humans coming from a variety of beneficial backgrounds. Founded by Colorado Natives with the intention of providing high quality medical genetics in seed form to the Colorado medical cannabis market. We are here to grow and test the best and highest quality medicine available, and then share it with you, the patient, via cannabis seed.

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