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Basic info about African Gold

Aficionado Seed Bank Flowering: ±77 days sativa

African Gold Originating in Malawi, African Gold is a 100% Sativa African landrace variation of Malawi Gold. It is a good yielder and is best grown indoors and in greenhouses, unless grown in warmer climates with no chance of frost. African genetics are some of the most popular and enjoyed around the world, due to their exotic taste and mesmerising effects.

African Buzz is a variation of the Malawi Gold Seedsman that was offered in previous years. It is a wonderful 100% sativa strain originating in Malawi. Our African Buzz was a particular phenotype that we really enjoyed giving us an immense cerebral buzz. We crossed this with a fast growing Malawi Gold father and African Buzz was created.

Although it is a pure sativa it has a quick vegetative stage in optimum conditions and we would recommend only 2-3 weeks growth before switching to flowering to minimise its height. African Buzz takes 11 weeks to flower during which its typical structure of long branches begins to show. It is a good yielder and is recommended as best indoors and in greenhouses, unless you are somewhere with no chance of frost until December e.g. Southern Italy and Spain. Any sativa aficionados will appreciate the buzzy and exciting effect our African strain produces.

Genetics: Malawi Gold x African Buzz
Variety: Pure Sativa
Sex: Regular
THC Content: 10-20%
Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors
Flowering Time: 11 Weeks

Antecedents of African Gold from Aficionado Seed Bank

African Buzz x Africa Sativa Malawi Gold

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