Champagne Room from Aficionado Seed Bank

Basic info about Champagne Room

Aficionado Seed Bank Flowering: ±53 days mostly indica

Champagne Room Pink Kush X Vishnu Kush Come together to make a superbly flavored and beautiful child. Champagne Room has a Pink haired phenotype to look for. She has rich and sweet berry tones and often citrus towards the end. She will most likely express deep purples late in bloom. Yields will be large and SCROG works well. She is a mostly Indica Hybrid. Who will finish in time outdoors. 7-8 weeks Flower time

Pink Kush x Vishnu Kush
Flower Length: 7-8 weeks
Outdoors, Indoors, Greenhouse

Antecedents of Champagne Room from Aficionado Seed Bank

Pink Kush probably x Vishnu Kush

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