Megido's Flame from Aficionado Seed Bank

Basic info about Megido's Flame

Aficionado Seed Bank Flowering: ±63 days indica/sativa

Megido's Flame Here We took our Very Orange scented East Coast Diesel and Married Her to Hellfire Male. This is pure fire currently Neils Favorite Smoke. She has a great burn and cure. The over whelming Orange Aroma remains in the plant until consumption. In the flower cycle you will start to smell the tangerine dream aroma and it will remian he whole time. Even after you smoke her you will smell her bouquet in your nose. Teasing you for more. The terpene report is certianly addictive. Odds are you will want to keep a cut of this in your garden forever. The structure is amazing. Currently Working best in SOG And SCROG. Outdoors or Greenhouse No Less than 15 gallon pots are required. The vigor the Hellfire Brings is very impressive Both during Flower and also early in veg, and she flowers in under 70 days with a very large yeild. Enjoy.

THC: Content 26-28%
CBD Content:: 0.3%
Yield: Large
Flowering Time 60-65 days

Antecedents of Megido's Flame from Aficionado Seed Bank

NYC Diesel Organge pheno x Hellfire OG

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