Mordor OG from Aficionado Seed Bank

Basic info about Mordor OG

Aficionado Seed Bank Flowering: ±63 days indica/sativa

Mordor OG A very special Cut of "The Shire" Came into our possession and the history behind that strain for those who may not already know is an impressive addition to the Haze lineage. Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze Is her other name.
We married her to Hellfire and of course the results are amazing.

One of the best in the Hellfire Male Breed series. MORDOR OG is amazing. Everything we look for in a winner was there. Vigor, Aroma, Potency and the smoke retains the amazing flavors to make it truly a favorite of the Aficionado's. Surprisingly fast as most our Hybrids come out. Finishes a little after 60 days.

THC: Content 24-26%
CBD Content:: 1.2%
Yield: Large
Flowering Time 60-65 days

Antecedents of Mordor OG from Aficionado Seed Bank

SSSDH The Shire x Hellfire OG

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Mordor OG

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