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Aficionado Seed Bank Flowering: ±60 days indica

Pakistani Hash Plant Another Heirloom has come out of the vault. Meet the Purple Tinged Kush From Pakistan Valley. She is a landrace classic. Always bred in tradition to her orignal Enviroment. She has sweet earthy Musk and hashy tones, as well as hints of citrus and berries. She can Be planted indoors and outside. For the reason she is a landrace and needs certian treatment to produce thick full buds to smoke, she is reccomended for experienced growers only. Heavy regiment is required for thick lush buds to show she doesnt like to be topped so much but cloning and seas of green she loves.

Heirloom Pakistani Hash Plant
Variety: Indica
Sex: Regular
THC: Content 24-26%
CBD Content:: .02%
Yield: Medium
Flowering Time: 60 days

Antecedents of Pakistani Hash Plant from Aficionado Seed Bank

Pakistan Indica

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