The Dude from Aficionado Seed Bank

Basic info about The Dude

Aficionado Seed Bank Flowering: ±58 days indica/sativa

The Dude This is White Widow and AK47 Combined. She is a cross between a sativa-dominant AK-47 and the notoriously potent sativa White Widow. These building blocks give White Russian a powerful and introspective head high. The Dude has an intensely cerebral high that can lend itself to introspection, lateral thinking for problem solving, and creative inspiration. A sense of euphoria and emotional well-being can accompany this mental stimulation. Despite some indica in its genetics, this strain carries very little physical effects -- although, as with any variety of cannabis, heavy consumption can lead to couchlock and drowsiness. With consistently high THC levels up to 26%, lets just say The Dude abides........

Variety: Hybrid
THC: Content: 24-26%
CBD Content:: .01%
Yield: Large
Flowering Time 55-60 days

Antecedents of The Dude from Aficionado Seed Bank

White Widow x AK47

Descendants of The Dude from Aficionado Seed Bank

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