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Basic info about White Strawberry Cough

Aficionado Seed Bank Flowering: ±75 days mostly indica

White Strawberry Cough The Aficionado's Have created a monster. Not recommended for restricted height indoors, tie her down and train her if you must but take this lady outside and watch her become a monster. Untopped our choice Strawberry Cough mother went up to 18 feet in four months veg before we had to bend her over and tie her to supports in our greenhouse. Making her one of the tallest plants we have ever recorded in our logs and since she ended up being the fruities of the selection, we then decided we marry her lovely berry bouquet to our favorite male of the 2015 season White Nightmare. Containing the White, Blue Dream,

The Strawberry Cough Mother turns red late in the fall. Expect the same from her offspring.

This is an F1 breed. Expect many colorful pheno types.

THC Content: 26-28%
Grows: Greenhouse, Grows indoors
Flowering Time: 75 days

Antecedents of White Strawberry Cough from Aficionado Seed Bank

Strawberry Cough x White Nightmare 2015

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