GlitchiforDoG from All We Know Is Dank

Basic info about GlitchiforDoG

All We Know Is Dank Flowering: ±63 days mostly indica

GlitchiforDoG Another Tribute Strain made in honor of my Last beloved GSD Glitch. It’s a collaboration between two of my favorite local breeders. Pollen Nation and CovertGenetics. This greasy heavy hitter is probably one of the most trichome covered OG’s I’ve ever seen. One phenotype has more berry smell with lanky Og buds. The other is another lanky but solid yielder Terpenes of slight berry but more creamy smell that literly pukes out crystals. This is a hash makers dream and if you have a tolerance she will put it to the test.
58 to 65 days
Med- Heavy
Indica Hybrid

Antecedents of GlitchiforDoG from All We Know Is Dank

Skwurl Killer x Sensiburn OG F3

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