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Basic info about Big Bazooka Auto

Anesia Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±59 days indica/sativa

Big Bazooka Auto After 3 years of selective crossing and backcrossing we autofeminized the genes of our famouse Big Bazooka. Big Bazooka Auto is an autoflowering strain of the 5th generation, which only requires approximately 60 days from germination to harvest. In those 2 months Big Bazooka Auto is getting 80-120cm tall and developes very heavy, resinous buds. The yields of this great automatic variety are up to 140g per plant. When grown indoors the plants should be permanently lit 18 hours a day from the germination till harvest. It also provides enormous harvests under fluorescent tubes and ESL and can yield 550g per sqm.

Big Bazooka Auto has like the normal, photoperiodic version a very sweet, lemony flavor. The effects are extremely body relaxing while your mind remains active and opens new dimensions.


Big Bazooka Auto is best grown in large pots with at least 10 liters. Most suitable are those with 15-20 liters.

Anyone looking for a super-fast variety with an extraordinary potency will find it in our breathtaking Big Bazooka Auto.

Yield: 800g/m2
lowering-time: 56-60 days
Height Height Indoor: 120-150 cm
Height Outdoor: 2-3 m

Antecedents of Big Bazooka Auto from Anesia Seeds

Big Bazooka x Ruderalis

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