Iceberg from Anesia Seeds

Basic info about Iceberg

Anesia Seeds Flowering: ±62 days mostly indica

Iceberg Iceberg is a very resinous variety that offers great yields and a enormous potency. Ansia Seeds crossed a Master Kush with a Grand Daddy Purple with huge productivity. After the most profitable cannabis plants were selected, they were again crossed with a Granddaddy Purple male and then stabilized by multiple backcrosses.

Iceberg named after her cope. Within 62 days of flowering time this pure Indica produces indoors up to 700g per square meter of thick, rock hard buds that are covered with a rich layer of resin. Outdoor this strain can be harvested in the end of september / beginning of october (500g per plant). Iceberg delivers a powerful body hit followed by a stimulating mind stone. Even experienced smokers should treat this potent variety with caution.

Iceberg is a ideal strain for hashish and BHO production. She has a very fresh lemon flavor with a hashish note and delievers extreme strong, long-lasting indica effects.

The leaves are dark green and broad, the buds are roundish with orange to brown hairs and the branches are robust. The THC content has been measured as high as 26% percent in the lab.


For strong growth Iceberg needs sufficient nutrients and light during the fowering time. The plants have a Christmas tree shape and can grow up to two metres outdoors, indoor plants will get shorter, growing up to 1 metre. This strain is also suited for outdoor growing in northern Europe. The flowering time is 8-9 weeks. Iceberg is a good choice for beginners and also for experienced growers. She is very resistant to mold an spider mites.


Iceberg is used as a medical strain to treat chronic pain, neurological disorders and spasticity. It is a potent strain for evening treatment.

Yield: 700 g/m2 indoors / 500 g/plant outdoors
Genetics: Master Kush x Grand Daddy Purple
Flowering-time: 62 days indoors
harvest outdoors: end-september, begin october
grow-envorinment Indoor/Outdoor
Height Height Indoor: 90-100 cm
Height Outdoor: 140-200 cm
High THC-Level: 26%

Antecedents of Iceberg from Anesia Seeds

Master Kush probably x Grand Daddy Purple

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