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Apothecary Genetics Flowering: ±67 days sativa

The Goo The GOO strain was given to me as a gift in 1996. The history is that in the early 1970’s University of Washington scientists were researching four cannabis strains. A lab technician took a cutting of each strain, and one of my good buddies, “Captain Morgan,” got one of the cuttings from the lab tech. At the time, the strain was unnamed. I had known about this strain since high school; a friend of mine would sell it to me. He had no idea what it was, so he went back to the Captain and the Captain said, “Just call it GOO!” Why did he name it GOO? Because it is gooey and can stick to a wall! It is a 100% Thai Sativa.

Awards: 2nd Place - Inglewood Cup - 2005
Genetics: Pure Sativa
Effect: Energetic and motivated yet it helps to relax and unwind.
Taste: Fruity, but Spicy.

Flowering indoor: 9-10 weeks, with a yield of 750-950 gr / sqm.
Flowering outdoor - Late November

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Flowering time indoor
±70 days
between 66 and 74 days
Stretch while flowering
±200 %
from 66 cm to 74 cm.

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Yield Indoor:
8.00 / 10
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7.00 / 10
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7.50 / 10

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Thailand Sativa

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The Goo

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