Cheese Auto from Aztech Genetics

Basic info about Cheese Auto

Aztech Genetics Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±81 days indica/sativa

Cheese Auto Aztech Genetics Cheese Automatic is a high yielding autoflowering variety producing dense, resinous buds caked with trichomes and classic sour flavour and smells. This hybrid variety is easy to grow and can produce very good yields even for beginners.

This strain takes an average of 11-12 weeks from start to finish. However she can go longer both indoors and out if given plenty of grow and root space.

We did several Cheese auto trials in 2018 to select the best automatic variety based on performance, yield and overall effects. We would like to thank Hemel Hempstead , Milton Keynes, Durham and Swansea UKCSC Cannabis Clubs and Ismoke magazine for helping in our selections and also to all the growers who took part in this project.

Our Aztech Genetics Cheese Auto has a thc content of 22% +

Antecedents of Cheese Auto from Aztech Genetics

Cheese / Ruderalis

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