London Cheese XXL Auto from BSF Seeds

Basic info about London Cheese XXL Auto

BSF Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±70 days ruderalis/indica/sativa

London Cheese XXL Auto BSF Seeds brings us the fourth jewel of our Psycho XXL Automix, the famous and
award-winning London Cheese XXL Auto. This time we crossed a Cheese Auto with our
3rd generation automatic male to give it super production in record time. This automatic
strain has a medium-high bearing and a strong smell of old cheese that will not go
London Cheese XXL Auto is characterized by being very easy to grow. Its appearance is
similar to that of a Skunk, because it develops a large central bud with lateral branches at
the same height, requiring a strong fertilization from the 3rd week, then go down gradually
when entering the flowering phase. We also recommend the use of air filters, since its
strong smell can attract a lot of attention. It’s very cerebral and prolonged effect is perfect
to trigger creativity and inspiration, also showing exceptional medicinal results in its
extractions. A variety completely recommended for impatient cultivators who love Cheese.
London Cheese XXL Auto another variety of BSF Seeds.

Genetics: Cheese Auto x Male Selected Auto
Sativity: 70%
THC: Medium - High
Effect: Narcotic, Euphoric
Complete Cycle: 70 days
Taste: Old Cheese, Sweet, Skunk
Production: Indoor: 350 – 500 grs/m2 / Outdoor: 80 – 200 grs/plant

Antecedents of London Cheese XXL Auto from BSF Seeds

{Cheese x Ruderalis} x Ruderalis

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