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Basic info about Moby-D

BSF Seeds Flowering: ±70 days mostly sativa

Moby-D In BSF Seeds we blow your head with this monster in every way, a classic among classics,
Moby-D. A true dream come true, fast for its sativity, super producer and resistant to pests.
Our Moby-D variety is the result of the crossing of our elite clone Jack Herer as a female with a
powerful White Widow male from our reserve, delivering a perfect mix between the resistance,
production and speed of the White Widow, with the characteristic sativa flavor and effect of the Jack
Herer. This has quickly positioned the Moby-D as a connoted variety, a classic in the world of
Moby-D is a variety of easy cultivation and exuberant vigor, so it enjoys high levels of fertilization
making it the perfect option for beginners. Its floral aromas will go from citrus to pine, wood and
haze. Perfect to disconnect and navigate your mind as high as you can.

Genetics: Jack Herer x White Widow
Sativity: 80%
THC: High
Effect: Euphoric
Flowering: 10 weeks
Taste: Pine, Lemon, Haze
Production: Indoor: 500 – 600 grs/m2 / Outdoor: 1.000 – 1.200 grs/plant

Antecedents of Moby-D from BSF Seeds

Jack Herer x White Widow

Descendants of Moby-D from BSF Seeds

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