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Basic info about Orange Blossom XXL Auto

BSF Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±78 days ruderalis/indica/sativa

BSF Seeds presents another of the most famous varieties in the world in its autoflowering version,
our Orange Blossom XXL Auto. The original version, crafted by Crockett 420 is a blend of California
Orange with a Skunk clone of predominance sativa, revived by Private Reserve and Crockett years
ago. Today, thanks to our international collaborations comes from the US an elite clone of Tangie,
which we worked for 3 generations with our autoflowering variety, achieving a medium-high plant,
high production and easy cultivation. Despite its ease of cultivation, special attention must be paid
during the first days, since stress could freeze its development.
Orange Blossom XXL Auto is a variety with a high content of THC to be an autoflowering seed,
reaching up to 22% THC, bringing a feeling of happiness and euphoria that increases creativity and
relieves stress. Finally, let's not forget it’s amazing mandarin-citrus flavor that makes it a perfect
example to add to your buffet of flavors and smells.

Genetics: Tangie
Sativity: 70%
THC: High
Effect: Happiness, Energizing
Complete Cycle: 75 - 80 days
Taste: Tangerine, Citrus, Fruit
Production: o Indoor: 400 – 600 grs/m2 / Outdoor: 50 – 300 grs/plant

Antecedents of Orange Blossom XXL Auto from BSF Seeds

Tangie x Ruderalis F3

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