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Basic info about Red Kush Auto

BSF Seeds Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±55 days ruderalis/indica

Red Kush Auto In BSF Seeds we love the striking colors, which is why we have put all our effort into bringing a
classic in its reddish version. Today we proudly present Red Kush Auto, genetic from Hindu Kush,
that presents in 90% copies with red tones that will leave you surprised.
Red Kush Auto is a large-sized automatic variety that has a strong central stem and side branches
with short separation. An exceptional producer, both indoors and outdoors, which due to its ease of
cultivation is highly recommended for novice growers.
This strain likes to be well fed to deliver all its potential, so we advise keeping it fertilized from the
first weeks, trying to make small but constant irrigations. The medicinal users prefer it for the
treatment of stress due to its relaxing and sedative effect.

Genetics: Hindu Kush
Red phenotype: 90% of the specimens
THC: Medium - High
Effect: Relaxing, Sedative
Complete Cycle: 55 days
Taste: Fruity, Earthy
o Indoor: 300 – 450 grs/m2
o Outdoor: 40 – 200 grs/plant

Antecedents of Red Kush Auto from BSF Seeds

Hindu Kush Indica x Ruderalis

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