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Basic info about Sweet Valley Kush

BSF Seeds Flowering: ±60 days mostly indica

Sweet Valley Kush Sweet Valley Kush is a feminised cannabis strain developed by Green House by crossing two classic Kush lineages: Afghan Kush and Hindu Kush, giving a pronounced Indica variety.

This hybrid of Afghan Kush x Hindu Kush with 80% Indica genetics produces compact plants that are easily manageable in indoor cannabis grows, and discreet outdoors thanks to their stocky structure.

The window of maturity of Sweet Valley Kush is from 8-9 weeks of flowering, offering abundant yields of up to 750g per m2 indoors and up to 1000g per plant when cultivated outdoors, where it will be ready to harvest in early October.

Its dense, resin-coated buds have a sweet, floral aroma on an earthy Kush background, while its effect is deeply relaxing, with THC levels that can exceed 22%.

Green House Seeds Sweet Valley Kush info:

Type: Feminized seeds
Genetics: Afghan Kush x Hindu Kush
80/20 Indica/Sativa
Flowering indoors: 8-9 weeks
Harvest outdoors: Early October
Indoor yield: 750g per m2
Outdoor yield: up to 1000g per plant
THC: 22.39%
CBD: 0.5%

Antecedents of Sweet Valley Kush from BSF Seeds

Afghan Kush probably x Hindu Kush Indica

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