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Basic info about A Maze

Bald Monkey Seeds Flowering: ±77 days indica/sativa

A Maze A maze is a cross of a mama Shiskaberry and a papa Oldtimer's Mango Haze. This hybrid can be grown outdoor in the southern lattitude with great results. There are 3 main phenos, one indica (shiska) and two more sativa dominated. We are certain that u will be able to find a nice keeper in this cross.

Indica/Sativa: 50/50%
Best indoor
Floweringtime: 9-13 weeks
Smell: Very fruity/spicy
Taste: Fruity/spicy
Buzz: Stoned with some great mindflowing tendencies.

A maze loves to be grown in organic set ups.

Antecedents of A Maze from Bald Monkey Seeds

Shiskaberry x Oltimers Mango Haze

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A Maze

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