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Boreal Seeds is a Canadian cannabis breeder and creator of Boreal Lights Super Auto, a strain with the same parentage that gave rise to the world famous Northern Lights. Boreal Seeds focuses on early and late frost resistant strains. Boreal Seeds strains are also highly resistant to mold even in high heat and humid climates.

Boreal Seeds also hunts and breeds rare South American Landraces including Honduran Trash which was discovered on an island off the Honduran coast and acclimated to the Canadian climate. Ecuador's Chome, Crippy[b/], and [B]Fisherman's Arse are also used in our breeding program. Our Dominican Landrace was sourced in the wilds of the Dominican Republic along the Haitian border and famous for it's use in Haitian Voodoo ceremonies.

Boreal Seeds also breeds high CBD, CBG, THC, THCV and THCP strains.

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