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Basic info about Fireballs

Breeders Boutique Flowering: ±56 days mostly indica

Fireballs Flowering Time: 8 weeks+ Sept/Oct Outdoor
Characteristics: Sweet Kush strain with hard nuggets of fire, with high THC Levels.

Fireballs was gifted to Breeders Boutique from a friend and one of the tightest growers we have seen, “Genuity” in the USA. The strain had been unnamed at the time it was gifted to us but it was quite clear that the end product was something special. After growing it out a few times and finding various stand out phenotypes the product had its first run on the market when it was entered into the Secret Cup on the Island of Tenerife at the start of 2014. It stood well and got 2nd place in the indoor category. Since then it has become a very popular strain on the Island.

You will see dark green plants with plenty of blue throughout the leaves that from our experience produce shorter bushier plants than some traditional stretchy Kush crosses. It doesn’t require overly fed and can be sensitive to a heavy hand on the nutrient front. We have only grown the product in an organic environment. Colours are plentiful in the flower and vegetation with pinks, purples, blues, and dark greens amongst others showing through. Calyxes are also known to darken and bring out some purple. Also with the Male Fireball, his pollen sacs are very purple in colour.

The Female chosen for the F2’s is again a shorter pheno that has an average stretch when going into flower. The flowers produced really live up to the name of the plant, and you will be provided with solid balls of resin coated sweetness. The trichome production in the right environment is off the charts and if you like to make extract then this strain just keeps on giving. 4 runs in a washer and it will still be giving out.

The smoke is a combination of earthy Kush and gingerbread or cake sweetness (leaning to a mild vanilla essence flavour). Undertones of fruit and grape creeping in to the smokey taste. The Kush and the sweet tones translate into a lovely hybrid smoke. It’s not a coach lock experience but rather an upper body buzz with great relief for tenseness in the neck and shoulder and a very relaxing cranial experience that has your head feeling like its cupped

Antecedents of Fireballs from Breeders Boutique

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