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Bulk Seed Bank Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±70 days ruderalis/indica/sativa

Auto Bubblegum Extra Originally the Bubble Gum was developed by growers in Indiana, USA. From there the genetics moved to New England and eventually Holland.

She grows vigorously and finishes flowering in about 8 weeks. Highly resinous and extra sweet. Certain individuals actually display that distinct pink chewing gum scent and flavour.

THC levels have been measured at 20+% making it an excellent option for medical users. The short structure, (60-100cm), make Bubblegum Automatic an excellent choice for balconies or where space is an issue. Add to this a finishing time of 70 days from seed and the strains increased hardiness make it a must for any collector.

Genetics: Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis
Plant Height: 60 - 100 cm
Yield: 40 - 100 g/plant
Harvest Month: 70 days

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Bubble Gum x Ruderalis

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3l pots,20/4h,High Power LED 405W(245) + 2 x 135W(2x90) red Ufo Booster

Auto Bubblegum Extra

Pic from lee1969 | Indoor (425W)

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