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Basic info about Auto Kali's Mistery

Bulk Seed Bank Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±80 days ruderalis/sativa

Auto Kali's Mistery Auto Kali's Mistery is a must for all Sativa fans. As you would expect from a Sativa you will need to make some room for this strain as she likes to stretch, both indoors and outdoor. Smoking Kali Mist weed is a satisfying combination of sweet and spicy smells and tastes. Because of its Sativa heritage Kali Mist cannabis will form an open structure, allowing light to reach the interior of the plant. There are a few thin fingered leaves and long spiralling buds along the whole length of the stems.

It's a nice smooth smoke, but ultimately it's all about the hit and Kali Mist weed won't let you down. The buzz is clean and cerebral leaving the mind clear and focused; this makes Kali Mist weed popular with medical marijuana users and Sativa fans alike. Now you can enjoy full flavor of this tasty sativa plant with shorter flowering period.

Genetics: Kali Mist x Ruderalis
Yield: 30 - 80 g/plant
Plant Height: 50 - 120 cm
Harvest: 80 days

Antecedents of Auto Kali's Mistery from Bulk Seed Bank

Kali Mist x Ruderalis

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