Auto Purple Glam Kush from Bulk Seed Bank

Basic info about Auto Purple Glam Kush

Bulk Seed Bank Autoflowering Bud to harvest: ±70 days ruderalis/indica/sativa

Auto Purple Glam Kush Aka: Auto Purple Kush

Purple Kush is a fast-flowering, 100% purple variety - a beautiful girl of any garden, not only for its passionate purple colour but also for its unique and intense smell. Compact in size and short grow cycle makes Purple Kush an ideal strain for the impatient grower. Purple Kush is an indica buzz without being overpowering.

Genetics: Indica x Sativa x Ruderalis
Yield: 25 -60 g/plant
Plant Height: 35 -60 cm
Harvest: 70 days

Antecedents of Auto Purple Glam Kush from Bulk Seed Bank

Purple Kush x Ruderalis

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Auto Purple Glam Kush

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