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Basic info about K2

Bulk Seed Bank Flowering: ±53 days mostly indica

K2 The effect you get is a lovely high feeling combined with a comfortable numbness. This plant is easy to cultivate because of its strong characteristics, growing her is a joy due to the delicious buds she grows. K2 is very suitable for growing indoors and even with limited space she'll do very well.

Although it is a Sativa kind K2 grows surprisingly compact with beautiful firm tight cola's covered with crystals. After you experience the promising yield you can be assured this kind of plant will not let you down. The effect from smoking the K2 is a mixture between feeling stoned and being high with a nice over-all body buzz.

Genetics: mostly Indica
THC: 8 - 15%
Flowering time: 7 â 8 weeks
Height in cm: 100 - 150 cm

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