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Bulk Seed Bank Flowering: ±60 days mostly indica

Master Kush Grand First called High Rise, Master Kush was developed in one of the tall buildings in Amsterdam's Bijlmer area. Coffeeshop owners and regulars alike fell head over heels in love with this exclusive tetraploid strain.

By popular demand, this Hindu Kush / Skunk hybrid was stabilized and marketed, and it has been a classic ever since. A strong plant of medium height and bushiness, Master Kush is a heavy producer which thrives in soil, hydro and greenhouse growing systems. Master Kush has a pleasantly earthy, mossy smell and its smoke is smooth.

Genetics: Hindu Kush x Skunk
Variety: Mostly Indica
Sex: Feminized THC: High
Flowering Time: 8 - 9 Weeks
Harvest Month: October

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Master Kush

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