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Bulk Seed Bank Flowering: ±56 days mostly indica

OG Kush The feminized OG Kush by Bulk Seeds is one of those varieties with a mysterious genetic background - some say it is a special cutting of the ChemDawg from back in the 1990s, while others claim it is a mix of Lemon Thai, Pakistani Kush and ChemDawg.

Even the name is controversially debated - does OG mean Original Gangster or Ocean Grown - who cares? Anyhow, one can not argue about its popularity because medical marijuana users, rappers and Hollywood movie stars love it.

Indoors, OG Kush by Bulk Seeds grows up to a height of 90-160cm and produces its yield of about 65g per plant within a flowering time of 8 weeks (outdoor harvesting season for OG begins with October). The buds are dense and large and coated with aromatic resin. Although it is a 75% Indica, it kicks like a Sativa and provides a pleasant cerebral and uplifting high.

Marihuana Type: 75% indica - sativa 25%
Production: 450 grs/m2.
Flowering indoor: 8 weeks
Outdoor Harvest: october

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Short Review

Flowering time indoor
±70 days
between 63 and 76 days
Stretch while flowering
±291 %
from 63 cm to 76 cm.

Ratings / Votes of our users

Yield Indoor:
5.00 / 10
Strength / Effect:
7.00 / 10
Indoor Overall:
6.00 / 10
Overall Rating:
6.00 / 10

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OG Kush

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