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We have been popping seeds and growing and selecting the best for the last 20 years, Indoors under lights,Outdoors In Backyards ,Guerilla Growing in Isolated Bush, and under the cover of greenhouses.Big to small and everything in between. Seasoned veterans bringing you the best we have to offer

We have bred and maintained some really nice varieties over the years (AS SMOKE-A-LOT SEEDS INCLUDING the famous GUERILLA GOLD, FREEZELAND, MADNESS(MANITOBA MADNESS) GODZILLA GRAPE, GRAPE HASHPLANT, HASHDAWG, the real PURPLE CANDY , GRAPE LEMONADE, LEMON SWISS, SUPER SILVER GRAPE AND MANY MORE!!) for indoors under lights and specialized for years in early maturing outdoor seeds suited for Canadian climate and northern guerilla growers world wide ,many still grown and bred by others till this day…and will continue to do so!! We Ship Worldwide and Have a Broad range of seeds for many needs, Helping others is what we strive for B

We are committed to putting 15 seeds in each pack,because as a seed buyer myself, i feel the extra 5 seeds go a long way then the standard 10-12 seeds. Also we are also committed to keeping the price lowered then most, Do not mistake this as lower quality, the plants we use are high quality,selected from large pools/or highly regarded clones. We do this because its direct from us to you!!, we stand by our products 100% any problems, email us and we will work it out, We are just like you and want great seeds and great service, we grow out our own seeds regularly and just want the best for our customers..and are committed to being one of the best seed companies in Canada today!! and the #1 provider of outdoor northern bred seeds in the World!!

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