Long Haze from CH9 Female Seeds

Basic info about Long Haze

CH9 Female Seeds Flowering: ±105 days indica/sativa

Long Haze Peppery high, very strong and penetrating, Excelent uplifting high, mind bending, motivational high. If you are concerned of height during outdoor grow, give it a `short season` run and start in July or August.
Stop N after the first weeks of flowering for better results use P/K only.

Flowering: 14-16 Weeks; best suited Outdoor
Yield: 80 gr indoor with 30-45 days of veg
Lineage: a phenos of the Original Haze x cubed with 4 female pollen. (Jack33, G Bolt Flower, Haze g13, Kalimist)
Bouquet: Flavor, peppery haze, rich and intense aroma.

Antecedents of Long Haze from CH9 Female Seeds

Original Haze x {Jack 33 / G Bolt Flower / Haze G13 / Kali Mist}

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