Quicker from CH9 Female Seeds

Basic info about Quicker

CH9 Female Seeds Flowering: ±53 days indica/sativa

Quicker A cross between a selected fast, very short indica that do not stretch X Herijuanajack33. Short structure with fast flowering indica again, the combination should produce copious amount of crystals and boost vigor, is untested. Plant shown is a topped branche from a short indica plant pollinated with some Herijuanajack33 female pollen, during female seeds production.

Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
Indoor yield: Up to 80 gr indoor with 35-45 days of veg
Outdoor yield: Average of 300 gr outdoor or more depend on vegetative time and season. Up to 450 gr
Lineage: Indica X Herijuana x jack33
Bouquet: lemon,hash flavor
Type: Indica / Sativa

Antecedents of Quicker from CH9 Female Seeds

Indica x Herijuana Jack 33

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