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CH9 Female Seeds Flowering: ±48 days indica

Vantage 2 great indica crossed ,during some tests to retrieve fast aromatic plants,we crossed our best vintage ch9 2006 with another selected early special indica ,this cross, after the ch9 herijuana session ,Ch9 uzbekistan will bring more, short fast indica's plants and quality buds to the cultivator.A fabulous uplifting high, again very penetrating,and a real punch for the indica lover.Some of the frostiest buds to find,your harvest will evolve beautifully,revealing sticky trichomes months after harvest time.The bud's texture will help in preserving thc glands at their peaks,providing ,lasting nugs full of resin.Plants will start to exhale their aroma and a plethora of crystals around week 2 in flowering stage,bringing a lot of appeal and confidence during her flowering time.Picture will be provided on February 2010.Is Untested.Images shows the plants used during the breeding session.

Flowering time: 7 weeks
Indoor yield: Up to 60-70 gr indoor with 35-45 days of veg
Outdoor yield: Average of 200 gr outdoor or more depend on vegetative time and season. Up to 320 gr
Lineage: A special early frosty flavorful indica X Ch9 Vintage 2006 hybrid
Bouquet: expected fresh, citrus, mandarin aroma
Type: Indica

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Harvesting time outdoor
in BlShβ climates
at end of September
in CmShβ climates
at end of September

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Yield Outdoor:
7.50 / 10
Strength / Effect:
8.00 / 10
Outdoor Overall:
8.00 / 10
Overall Rating:
7.83 / 10

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Uzbekistan x {Vintage 2006 x Herijuana}

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