Bombers Dessert Kush from Canadian Cannabis Genetics

Basic info about Bombers Dessert Kush

Canadian Cannabis Genetics Flowering: ±63 days indica/sativa

Bombers Dessert Kush If you're looking for a sour grape kush, this strain is one you want to try! The aromas range from grape hash with kushy undertones. Rock solid buds covered in THC. We used our Garberville purple kush elite cutting crossed with Blue Bomber F1, which is known as our P.K Bomber. We pollinated a unique strain that came from a friend Pollen Jock in Scotland called Devils Dessert (Devilberry x Strawberry cream clone) .

Flowering Time: 58-68 days

Lineage: P.K. Bomber x Devil's Dessert

Yeild: Medium-heavy

Aroma and Flavor: Grape, hash, kush and sour tones depending on pheno type

Growing Method: Best topped and grown into large bush, easy to grow, fades to a nice purple and black colours, she is gorgeous plant

Effect: Starts with a nice uplifting high, after about 10-15 mins turns to a nice sedating effect, easy to over do it. Induces appetite and releaves any anxiety. It's great smoke for an after dinner dessert!

Antecedents of Bombers Dessert Kush from Canadian Cannabis Genetics

{Devilberry x Strawberry Cream} x P.K. Bomber

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