Pale Lavender from Canadian Cannabis Genetics

Basic info about Pale Lavender

Canadian Cannabis Genetics Flowering: ±64 days mostly sativa

Pale Lavender Black Zombie meets Sweet Pink Cheese!

A little history with Black Zombie, it is rare to say the least and almost being a replica of the Double Purple Doja, originally by Sub Cool then furthered along by Outlaw grower.

It's a cross of Double Purple Doja F3 to our Blue Bomber, then back crossed to our cut of DPD F3. We received this cut of DPDF3 from Ocanabis not long after I met him in the summer of 2008 if I remember correctly. DPD F3 was not very potent but was beautiful and more purple than any plant I've ever seen by far. So I decided to use a Blue Bomber male to make (DPD F3 x Blue Bomber). I then grew out the F1s and found this crazy purple male and used it to back-cross to the DPD F3 clone. Resulting in Black Zombie!

B.Z. was a great strain but needed something to cut that dominate spicy flavor of the Double Purple Doja. The SPC was just the strain to cut through the spice. The colour has lightened up and there are a lot more green phenos, but like a common word used in our strain descriptions, this strain is as unique as they come.

Lineage: Sweet Pink Cheese x Black Zombie

Aroma: spicy, antiseptic, sour berry, grapefruit

Flavor: spicy, sourberry, antiseptic, acrid, tart

Indica/Sativa: 30/70

Yield: Medium to heavy

Growing Method: Best to veg into a bush. Veg 60 days min for best results

Indoor flowering: 58-69 days

Antecedents of Pale Lavender from Canadian Cannabis Genetics

Sweet Pink Cheese x Black Zombie

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