Chem Berry OG from Cannabella Seed Club

Basic info about Chem Berry OG

Cannabella Seed Club Flowering: ±60 days mostly indica

Chem Berry OG This is a combination of very special kush genetics that delivers high quality flowers.

Smells like gassy and earthy aromas mixed with fresh forest berrys.
A incredible tasty chem and kush mix.

Not the easiest to grow needs some practice to show its full potential, but if grown right the yield is very good and the quality also.

The solid kush buds can get a nice purple/pink colour in later flowering if its below 20 degrees celcius at night.

genetic: Chemdawg#4 x OG Kush x Brambleberry Kush
indica/sativa: 70/30
flowering time: 56-63 days
flavour: gas, fuel, earth, blackberry, cherry, blueberry
yield: medium-high

Antecedents of Chem Berry OG from Cannabella Seed Club

{Chemdawg #4 x OG Kush} x Brambleberry Kush

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Chem Berry OG

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