Grüne Brille from Cannabella Seed Club

Basic info about Grüne Brille

Cannabella Seed Club Flowering: ±56 days mostly indica

Grüne Brille Very strong and narcotic smoke.
Smell in flower is not strong, but the dry buds have a nice hashish, skunk and orange peel taste.
Super resinous, the plants are shining white.
The high is full indica, makes you happy, is relaxing and stimulates appetite.
Perfect for watching movies and do nothing.
Flowering 8 weeks. Moderate stretch. Pole type growth.
Very stable strain. They almost look like clones.
Perfect variety for hash producers.

Genetic: SuperLemonHaze x BellaOrtega F5 (F1)
Effect: very strong body high
Aroma: sweet, skunk, orange, lemon
Flowering time: ~56 days
Yield: 450-600g/m²

Antecedents of Grüne Brille from Cannabella Seed Club

SuperLemonHaze x BellaOrtega F5 F1

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