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Cannabis Family Seeds Flowering-Time: Unknown indica/sativa

Neutron Star Grown organically, you can expect some amazing colors from these flowers. The Caramelo mother is very colorful herself with blues, reds, oranges and purples sprinkled throughout the calyx and trim leaves. Her buds are longer like a Sativa, but the buds are still dense and the structure of the plant is more like that of an Indica, bushing out with tall colas.

The flowers from Neutron Star are very sugary, and the high is uplifting and energetic enough to be used during the day. The Skunk genes from the Wonder Woman in the male cross have enhanced those qualities in some phenotypes and the Grape Ape has affected the smell and colors of all of the phenos we’ve flowered so far.

Seeds from Neutron Star should produce impressive yields, and varying by phenotypes, should be easy to grow indoors.

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Caramelo x Purple Jar

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No issues whatsoever throughout the entire life cycle of this genotype, extremely stable and took a lot of stress. Had no issues taking a full strength dose of Remo nutrients throughout her entire life.

Neutron Star

Pic from Deezenugs | Indoor (250W)

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