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Carpathians - it's an ecologically friendly territory, healthy environmental conditions, pure mountain rivers, the mystery of wild nature, and also different climate, from warm to cold areas. That is exactly where cannabis seed bank "Carpathians Seeds" began its activity. The bank is a joint Ukrainian-Czech project founded by company of experienced breeders, with over a decade of experience in the selection of cannabis seeds. Despite the fact that the Carpathians Seeds is a relatively new bank in the seed market, it has already managed to win the love and respect of many experienced people in several countries, such as Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, etc. This is not surprising, because our seeds were obtained on the most fertile and environmentally friendly land of Carpathians, soaked the crystal clear water of the mountain river, so they have an excellent germination, and are able to produce healthy plants. All our strains are auto-flowering. Due to the positive feedback from our customers, we have concluded that our breeders have succeeded. All grades of marijuana in our assortment have been thoroughly tested from seed to maturity in completely varied conditions, and they showed only positive results. We believe that every seed buyer from Carpathians Seeds will find in our product range something special for himself and will be satisfied with the final result.

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