Berry Splash from Chosen Few Genetics

Basic info about Berry Splash

Chosen Few Genetics Flowering: ±70 days mostly indica

Berry Splash Strong fruity-pebble like notes very sweet with hints of lemon undertones. Heavy producer covered in frost likes to be topped does very well in a scrog to support those heavy branches finishes closer to week 9 some pheno's can be pushed to week 10. great flavorful lemon berry sweet candy like taste
when smoked effects couch lock happy upbeat mood, creative mind set, munchies, sleepy with heavier consumption.
helps with apatite , chronic pain, insomnia, headaches, anxiety,stress, depression, also good for a wide range of auto immune issues
mother is a cross of 2 OG parents belived to be Berry OG & Lemon OG but the ture linage is unknown
father is Lemon Haze

Antecedents of Berry Splash from Chosen Few Genetics

{Berry OG x Lemon OG} x Unkown Haze Lemon Haze probably

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