Cheesy Black Danish from Chosen Few Genetics

Basic info about Cheesy Black Danish

Chosen Few Genetics Flowering: ±70 days mostly indica

Cheesy Black Danish unique mix of cheesy, sweet-grape, earthy fruitiness
pleasant smelling, frosty gal
easy to grow, not a heavy feeder
loves to be topped, finishes closer to 9 weeks
Effects: Happy, relaxed, tingling, head buzz, hungry, sleepy
Mother: *OPD lineage - Snozzberry x Cheese Quake
Father: Cross of 2 OG parents believed to be Berry OG & Lemon OG - true linage unknown
*OPD original creator: Gonzo farms

Cheesy Black Danish lineage
Mother: OPD
Father: Lemon Berry OG

OPD lineage
Mother: Cheese Quake [Cheese x Urkle x Space Queen]
Father: Snozzberry [Purple Urkle x Snowdawg BX]

Antecedents of Cheesy Black Danish from Chosen Few Genetics

{Cheese Quake x Snozzberry} x {Berry OG Kush x Lemon OG} probably

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