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Basic info about Cheese

Clone Only Strains Flowering: ±48 days indica/sativa

Cheese originated in 1988-89 as one unique female phenotype out of packet of Sensi Seeds Skunk No. 1 grown somewhere in the Chiltern Hills. This one plant produced impressively large buds and had a very distinctive cheesy odour. It was quickly cloned and named Cheese.

Around 1995 a Cheese clone was passed on to Exodus, an alternative community living in Haz Hall on the edges of Luton. Exodus organised free parties, championed the legalisation of cannabis, grew cannabis themselves and protected each other from the law. They also started CANABIS (Campaign Against Narcotic Abuse Because of Ignorance in Society). Because of all the people that passed through the Exodus community many clones were handed out to visitors and the strain continued to grow in notoriety.

Antecedents of Cheese from Clone Only Strains

Skunk #1 Exodus Cheese Cut

Descendants of Cheese from Clone Only Strains

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