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Clone Only Strains Flowering: ±70 days indica/sativa

Clockwork Orange The history of Clockwork Orange is just about as much of an enigma as the plant itself. Originally held by a breeder and Grower up in the hills outside of Temecula, CA, the cut was passed onto owner of Riot Seeds, Matthew Riot. The original owner, we'll call him Crazy Doug, had said both that the plant was created during a colchicine experiment and that it was just a plain mutant from a pack of Greenhouse Seeds Alaskan Ice. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle of the two. Now ALaskan Ice from greenhouse Seeds is listed as being a White Widow x Haze, but as we've all come to learn, ever since Shantibaba left Greenhouse Seeds, their business practices are less than honourable. So the real genetics may never be know, but what we do know is that it is neither a White Widow, nor a Pure Haze plant, though it may have Haze somewhere in its genesis. There have been suggestions that it may be a G13 x Black Widow hybrid, but it doesn't quite fit either. The smell of the clone only mother is very hard to describe much more than earthy, however it's very easy to spot in a field of bud because of its leaf mutation, often displaying twisty leaves during the vegetative to the mid bloom part of its life cycle. It also has leaves that are abnormally large, often getting to over 2 feet in length indoors, thus making it not very useful in a SOG setting. If grown correctly and given ample space this plant can out-yield some of the biggest yielders in cannabis history, even though it likes to stay in a single column. The medical relevance of this plant has been pointed out time and time again by San Diego patients who are constantly requesting this plant, and as documented in High Times in their THMQ , they are sometimes willing to pay upwards of $550 an ounce for bud from this clone only cut. VERY FEW people hold this cut, making it one of California's most rare and prized cutting, but several have tasted it and want more! It finishes flowering at right about 10-10.5 Weeks.

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Alaskan Ice Probably

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