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Basic info about Erdbeer

Clone Only Strains Flowering: ±55 days mostly sativa

Erdbeer The Erdbeer is a clone-only genetic since about 1994, based in Switzerland, where it was once very common. The basic genetics are unknown. It is likely to be a sativa with Afghani genes.

The strawberry clones were used for some crosses. The version of the Green Hornet is probably the best known and is the closest clone. A Swiss farmer phoned the breeder and said he had found in a field full of strawberry plants a single male cannabis plant full of pollen sacs. He dusted the "Original Swiss Strawberry" to breed. Most likely this male plant was but another unknown species.

Also Herbaria has worked with the original strawberry clones, like BlueHemp. Herbaria passed a clone of BlueHemp to Alpine-Seeds, then genetics went to Denmark, then to Zenseeds.

Antecedents of Erdbeer from Clone Only Strains

Sativa x Afghanistan Indica Probably

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