Strawberry Creme from Clone Only Strains

Basic info about Strawberry Creme

Clone Only Strains Flowering: ±72 days mostly sativa

Strawberry Creme This Swiss Sativa, a descendant of the popular Erdbeer (Strawberry in Swiss) is a massive yielding, strawberry smelling strain with resin production that could outshine almost any hashplant. It's got the potency to boot. It is a quick finisher for being a pure sativa, just short of 10 weeks, and is available as a Clone Only strain in the UK and the US. Recently released by Riot Seeds as a BX, this strains is gainging more and more popularity everyday as the queen of strawberry strains, leaving strains like Strawberry Cough in its wake.

Antecedents of Strawberry Creme from Clone Only Strains

Erdbeer x Unknown Strain

Descendants of Strawberry Creme from Clone Only Strains

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Strawberry Creme

Pic from DrRosk0 | Indoor (600W)

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