Grape Dog V.2 from Cosa Seed Co

Basic info about Grape Dog V.2

Cosa Seed Co Flowering: ±70 days mostly indica

Grape Dog V.2 Grape Dog V.2 is our first Heirloom line combining our unreleased G2D2 (Grape Dog x Grape Stomper BX2) - a megaproducer of extremely resinous sweet candy red grape bud that kicks you in the nose with Chemmy funk on the back end and combined her with our diesel fuel D-DNL F3 father to enhance the Chem traits while maintaining the sweet grape flavor.
Growers can expect heavy yields of buds and resins from this 9-10 week cultivar.

Antecedents of Grape Dog V.2 from Cosa Seed Co

{(Unknown Strain Grape Apollo x D-DNL F3) x Grape Stomper BX2} x D-DNL F3

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