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DNA Genetics Seeds Flowering: ±73 days mostly sativa

C-13 Haze Genetics: Cannalope Haze X G13
Variety: 90% sativa
Harvest Date: October / November
Flowering Period: 10-11 weeks
No. of Seeds Per Packet: 13
Characteristics: Mostly sativa strain with indica-like buds

We used the Cannalope pheno E for this cross. We chose the female for her heavy haze smell. Also she takes a bit longer then the Cannalope (B) f2, finishing In 10-11+ weeks. This girl is a strong one; a bit slower then the Cannalope to get going, but the payoff is a heavy haze, dense, dark buds. A and I could not decide on what pheno was better to backcross to the G13 father, the Cannalope B or E. And after plenty of testing we still could not decide which one was better. A liked the heavy haze in the E and D liked the bud structure of the "B". So it was decided - we made both! Mostly Sativa with Indica nugs.

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8.00 / 10
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7.00 / 10
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7.00 / 10
Overall Rating:
7.33 / 10

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Cannalope Haze x G13

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C-13 Haze

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