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Basic info about L.A. Confidential

DNA Genetics Seeds Flowering: ±56 days indica

L.A. Confidential Genetics: O.G. LA Affie x Afghani
Variety: 100% Indica
Harvest Date: September/October
Flowering Period: 8 weeks

Characteristics: Award winning indica

The high of this herb is psychedelic and energetic with a hammer. There are two real phenotypes and they will both finish in 55-60 days. One is a bit more hardy but both equal in effect. With an incredible smell and unique L.A. flavor, DNAs LA Confidential has won many awards including honors in the High Times Cannabis Cup Indica Category in 2004 and 2005.

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Short Review

Flowering time indoor
±69 days
between 66 and 73 days
Stretch while flowering
±102 %
from 66 cm to 73 cm.
Harvesting time outdoor
in CmShα climates
at middle of October (±1 week)
in CmShβ climates
at end of September (±1 week)

Ratings / Votes of our users

Yield Indoor:
5.62 / 10
Yield Outdoor:
6.50 / 10
Strength / Effect:
8.49 / 10
Outdoor Overall:
6.50 / 10
Indoor Overall:
7.40 / 10
Overall Rating:
6.95 / 10

Antecedents of L.A. Confidential from DNA Genetics Seeds

O.G. LA Affie x Afghani

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L.A. Confidential in der 7ten woche unter Q6W sanlight gen1, eher kleine plants dafür mit schönen farben wenn die umgebung stimmt

L.A. Confidential

Pic from bcazk | Indoor (215W)

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