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Basic info about SleeStack

DNA Genetics Seeds Flowering: ±63 days mostly sativa

SleeStack This strain brings two of our favorite strains together. Shrom is a cutting that we got a few years ago from Northern California. The Shrom yields and tastes great. We love this strain because of its fuel/haze taste. Crossing this clone to the MMG male was a very easy decision because the MMG has always put something special into whatever we cross him to! The SleeStack will not grow tall like the Schrom and will not take as long either. She is a shorter, stout plant that packs on the weight after the 5th week. The buds on this plant are frosty with resin. If you’re looking for the plant to make your Concentrate out of, look no further. This strain has high resin content that will make your Concentrate stand out! With the flavor of the Martian Mean Green and the yields of the Shrom, this is the perfect mix of two legendary strains.

70% Sativa / 30% Indica
Flowering Time: 9 weeks
Yield: 350-500g/m2

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Short Review

Flowering time indoor
±63 days
between 61 and 65 days
Stretch while flowering
±220 %
from 61 cm to 65 cm.

Ratings / Votes of our users

Yield Indoor:
7.00 / 10
Strength / Effect:
9.00 / 10
Overall Rating:
8.00 / 10

Antecedents of SleeStack from DNA Genetics Seeds

Indica Sativa Unknown Hybrid x Martian Mean Green

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