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DNA Genetics Seeds Flowering: ±60 days mostly indica

Training Day Limited Edition

Training Day. The All Cali strain! Putting the Arcata Train Wreck with the LA Confidential brings you the ultra crystals Training Day this strain stacks up with thc resin, expect to see some large yielding pheno types with serious resin production. Imagine large flowers with that Dank LA Con smell that finish in 8 weeks, if you have grown either strain you will know that this hybrid is going to be off the charts.

Train Wreck x LA Confidential
70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Flowering Time: 56-63 days
Yield: 400-500 g/m2

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Flowering time indoor
±55 days
between 0 and 115 days

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Yield Indoor:
9.00 / 10
Strength / Effect:
8.00 / 10
Indoor Overall:
9.00 / 10
Overall Rating:
8.67 / 10

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Trainwreck x LA Confidential

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Training Day

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