Tangie Zest v1 from DSP Genetics

Basic info about Tangie Zest v1

DSP Genetics Flowering: ±60 days mostly sativa

Tangie Zest v1 Plant with an intense fresh and fruity aroma, obtained from our Platinum Huckleberry Cookies #3 male and a Crocket’s Tangie, which has a dinstinctive mandarin scent.
The hybrid resulting is very vigorous, with lot of easy to clone branches, which are characteristics inherited by the parents.
Two phenotypes, that stretch differently (from 1x to 2x); the mandarin peel perfume dominates all over the genetic with some reminiscence of Lime Berry and OG/diesel.
Most of his terpenes aren’t volatiles,
which make of this plant an excellent aromatic extraction-maker; almost all of the phenos turn violet at end of flowering.


1° exterior – Cannaris Cup 2018 – Lanzarote (Spain)

Antecedents of Tangie Zest v1 from DSP Genetics

Crocketts Tangie x Platinum Huckleberry Cookies #3

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Tangie Zest v1

Pic from Farmerbrother | Indoor (260W)

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