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Basic info about Ultimate Banana Kush

Dankonomics Genetics Flowering: ±60 days indica/sativa

Ultimate Banana Kush Ultimate Banana Kush is a truly exceptional cannabis strain that just loves to grow outdoors in cool climates. It is an inbred cross of an elite, clone-only Banana Kush from Colorado that was fertilised by Banana Kush F9 from orgnkid. Fabulous THC production, great taste and heavy yield potential are highlights of this strain.

Ultimate Banana Kush is an indica/sativa hybrid strain for cultivation in all environments with the proviso that it responds much better to cool temperatures. If grown indoors great care should be taken to ensure that temps. don't climb too high as this will affect growth. Although an in-bred line some variation is inevitable with Banana Kush hence flowering times can vary between 7 - 10 weeks. Outdoor cultivation can be very successful even at quite high latitudes as long as the rains hold off until the early October harvest in the northern hemisphere. Yields are potentially very high indeed and are never less than good unless disaster strikes.

The aromas and flavours define bananas in all its forms; ranging from what our US cousins know as banana runts (and we in the UK call foam bananas!) and candy for the Kush pheno-types to the banana bread taste of the OG phenos. THC production varies between 20% - 30% with CBD of up to 3%. The effect of the OG phenos is a really happy, uplifting and euphoric high that is simply superb during the day to more narcotic Kush types.

Therapeutic use is recommended for symptoms of insomnia, pain, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and as a mood stabiliser that may possibly be of benefit to bi-polar sufferers.

THC CONTENT 20% - 30%
CBD CONTENT up to 3%
GROWS Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME 7 - 10 weeks
HARVEST MONTH early October
MEDICAL CONDITIONS Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Insomnia, Pain, PTSD
EFFECT Euphoric, Happy, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative

Antecedents of Ultimate Banana Kush from Dankonomics Genetics

Banana Kush Colorado cut x Banana Kush F9 probably IBL

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